The song “Vladimir’s Blues” is part of the album “The Blue notebooks”. Richter composed this music in the run/up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. He describes it as a protest album about Iraq and a meditation on violence.

The album was recorded a week after all the protest against the war.


The story that is behind this music, and the melancholy emotion that it transmits, create this tune a great one for those that are at an intermediate level or learning piano.

First of all the simple, but clear movement that we will need to execute in the right hand, arpeggiating the chord, will help us develop coordination and independence between the fingers.

For that reason it could substitute songs as (….) if we are looking to pull our technic.

The second reason why is because all the chords are in the second inversion. Since the second inversion are not commonly used one after the other one (this is why the song is giving as this feeling of discomfort) we will be able to practice our triads in an uncommon way, which will be really helpful to get familiar with the sound, as well of practice triads in this position.

The third reason why is because we will be using octaves in the left hand. The coordination of moving octaves up and down can give problems in the first years of studies. This tune will help you pull that part.


My recommendation: If you are in your fourth or fifth year of learning piano, this can be a great tune to learn and enjoy. Here I leave the music scores for you, hoping you enjoy them.

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