Today we are going to speak about the chord progression of the song ” Fragments of myself”. This collaboration of Max Cooper and Tom Hodge. This collaboration is not unique only because of the amazing sound design by “Max Cooper”, also, the lovely and simplistic way of developed a chord progression by Tom Hodge can be an inspiring and artistic revelation for many music lover.


Let’s take a look over at it in detail.

The chord progression is in A Major, and with a clear nude voicing in the first chords of the chord progression. The Tonic and the third are the only notes that are part of this start.


After that, he goes into a VI, a pretty commonly used alternate tonic in contemporary music. The Song ends with a Half Plagal I / IV with gives us a pretty open feeling that comes back to the beginning and invites us to a constant ride in the same chord progression.


There are slight variations in the chord progression, but the feeling and the general harmony in all of it are the same.

If you would like to check out this music score in a digital / interactive version, please visit our uploaded song on JellyNote