Writing a song is an activity that can be easy if you have the inspiration by your side. But, if you are a normal person and you can´t get the rhymes of the beautiful things in life, you can follow this tips and it will get a little easier:

About ‘Where’ do you start to write your song:

A lot of people thing that start for the chorus or the melody is the best thing to do. When the song have the chord progression you can built your song around them. But don’t worry if you are fighting with getting the perfect melody, this method doesn’t work for everyone.

Other people thinks that a better way is to start by an introduction of the lyrics, that eventually will guide them to the rest of the lyric, and then to the rhythm. It is all about you and your way of creation.

How you write a song
How you write a song

The lyrics matters

At least you are producing an instrumental music; the lyric is a very important part of the song. This process can be the most difficult or frustrating of everything, especially if the author is amateur.

Before you start creating your master piece, have the idea of what do you wanna say in your song, you can write ideas about it, then play with the rhythm of the words, play with them.

Write about what you know

The best writers know that you can’t write about things that you lack of experience, so, please, in order to make your song good: write about things that happen to you.

Inspiration moments

Nothing is worse than play an awesome riff and later forgotten about it. Every time you play something good, record it. Maybe you can use it later in you song. Forgetting things is the worst nightmare for a creator.

And well… you can also try Alexander Ribaks advice to, which we leave rigth below