We’ve been talking about copyrights tips and even a list about great composers of all time. But this time we are going to talk about the number one in that list: Johann Sebastian Bach. This man is known as a mathematical composer, making his music a little intriguing. He is remembered for his innovation in music, particularly for his counterpoints, harmonies and his fascination with symmetry.
It is told that the music of this great man is closer from mathematical perfection that the music of anyone else, even so he put some math riddles in his music. So, yes, he was a genius of music and math. Bach, likewise, was a great devotee and made his work an offering to the divinity that ordained the cosmos as an immense harmony.
According to the musician Harlan J. Brothers, the musical phrasing in Bach’s composition Cello Suite No. 3 contains a fractal structure. The self-similarity of the suite is reflected in the fact that the patterns of short and long notes reappear as phrase patterns on a larger scale.


The “Crab Canon”, according to Douglas Hofstadter in his book Gödel, Escher and Bach, is a kind of musical palindrome, a mirror of the musical theme in time. Hofstadter explains that these structures are also found in DNA; a structure similar to a strange loop that is found in Escher’s reversible staircase drawings, in Gödel’s mathematics, in Bach’s music and in nature. Hofstadter applies this same principle to his paradoxical dialogues between the Turtle and Achilles.


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