If you are here is because you like classical music. But if this is your first approach we will give you a guide that will help you with this. You must know that the world of classical music is huge! All starts 500 years ago approx. so you need to have a guide to this journey. Come with us!
You can’t listen to all the pieces and learn everything. You don’t know yet if the Renaissance music is the one that warm your heart or not. You must wait for that discovers to happen and enjoy it, without the rush of knowing everything. You must remember that the only rule in the classical music is be true with your feelings, don’t persuade yourself of liking something you hate only because everyone says it is a masterpiece.

Follow your emotions
Just sit to listen and keep track of what do you like, and then investigate about that composer; listen other song of him and compare with others. If is Chopin that you love, listen the Nocturne or the Spring Waltz. But remember, don’t stop listen the others composer, you might find another one that make your heart jump.

It’s not just Lang Lang
There’s a widespread idea that in classical music only composers matter, and the performers are just there to humbly pass on their vision. Not true. Many classical performers have huge personalities, and it helps to see, as well as hear, them. One of the joys of YouTube is finding footage of terrific performance, past and present.

Go to concerts
Exploring and listening online is all very well, but nothing beats the real live experience. You may be reluctant to part with hard cash at first, but you’ll be amazed at how many free or nearly-free concerts there are in our big cities and towns, often in the form of lunchtime concerts at churches.

Make a group of friends
One of the main pleasures of classical music is swapping impressions and arguing about it. One way is to join a local music society. There are hundreds of these, putting on concerts often at a very high level, in modest-sized towns as well as cities.

If you’re not happy to just follow your nose through the world of classical music, but want a compass and map, try one of the various online guides to classical music. Wikipedia has a good general article, and there’s also BBC Radio 3’s Guide to Classical Music.

And will give you this playlist of classical music.

Now, what do you say? Let’s try it!