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Transcriber (wind section)

María del Mar Ocaña


Our transcribers


Almudena Díaz-Llanos Longares

Ceo - Founder

My name is Almudena and I am the founder and CEO of

Scot Peters (string section)


Daniel Sánchez

Piano transcriber

Eight years ago I started my project as a songwriter. (Ena Marley)

Before the release of my first album, I needed to submit the transcribed music scores for the intellectual property.

I got extremely frustrated!

When I started transcribing them -even if I have been studying music all my life – I ́ve found it really complicated!

That’s when I thought that I should create a platform to provide this service and help other people with the same issue.
Transcribing is definitely a task that takes time and a high academic musical background.

In our company, we work and transcribe everything by ear, but we have incorporated tools and technology that allow us to augment our productivity and efficiency.

We love to work with composers, producers, and songwriters  and those who want to have their own music scores transcribed, but they don’t know how to write music. We enjoy the process as well as the trust and relation that we develop with them.

We don’t treat the music scores as a production plant, in instead, we take a lot of care of the necessities of different artists, and we edit them accordingly personal requirements and esthetics. That’s why our clients are 100% satisfied! And we too!

Please, write us to to start taking your music seriously, and have all the music scores ready for it!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

1. Fill up the form with the link or the song that you would like to transcribe.
2. We will give you the invoice for the transcription of service. Once is accepted, you will have different ways of paying. We will work in the transcription for deliver it as soon as possible.
3. We will send you the music score to your email. It can be in different formats and designs; Don’t hesitate to request us all that you would need! We can provide you  (.pdf), Finale (.mus) or Sibelius file (.sib), also MusicXML and MIDI file (.mid), musescore, (mcsz) xml and musicxml.
4. Please, write us the feedback that you consider!

Can I receive your advise about intelectual property?

We know the property laws of Usa, Europe; and South America and India. Sometimes they are difference between them, we would be happy to advise you about anything related.

When I calculate the fee it gives me a high fee

Please, fill up the form and we will give you the correct final amount. We transcribe note by note, so we need to see exactly what kind of archive we will take care of.

I am looking for a special transcription

As you can see, we have done transcriptions for blind (braille music transcriptions); designs for children books, transpositions work, special editions for classrooms, and visual transcriptions for interactive games an experience. Please, write us to any special request. Here you can see some examples:

Feel free to write to Us

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Perfect communication with customer service, nice and accommodating people and accuracy, in one day I had my music transcription done!

Jame Day Founder - Music Apps

Amazing service for those of us who never seem to find music sheets for our favorite songs. The transcriptions are accurate and clean. I’m already working on a wish list for my next batch of songs. Great customer service!

Satyam Sangwan Director, Anahad Foundation

Cheap in comparison to others, very accurate and clear work, fast and friendly.
I requested a transcription for piano and I am so satisfied with the quality of it. Everything was done perfectly.

David MensyFounder of Spot Music

We are a band who often need transcription sheets for different kinds of instruments. So we were very happy when they transcribed our files in less than a day! It's amazing, they have specialists for all kinds of instruments. We will definitely keep working with them.

Sagar VaidyaMusic composer

They did an efficient job with all the arrangements I wanted, in less than 24 hours I had everything. Their customer service is very clear and helpful and explained to me the detailed process of their services

Sam TowerPianist